Federal Pacific Electric Panel – Cost To Replace

A safe electrical system is essential for every home in America. A safer electrical system will allow you to provide electricity, comfort, safety, and security for your family members. Your home is older than 20 years and has a Federal Pacific Electrical Panel. This is a serious problem because FPE panel are extremely dangerous.

In the 1950s, Reliance Electric introduced Federal Pacific Electrical Panels. These panels were used for many years by electricians until they became unsafe. This is the time to correct this error and replace the panel as soon as you can. It is the foundation of your family’s future, home, and life.

Your home’s electrical panel distributes electricity using circuits. An electrical panel can protect you by tripping the breaker whenever it detects a problem. To protect your home and family, it is important to have a safe and reliable electrical panel.

Why FPE breaker are dangerous

Federal Pacific breakers, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, are dangerous. They could trip the breaker if they are overloaded. They could lock up and not trip the breaker more than once. Federal Pacific Electrical Panels are responsible for 2,800 electrical fires annually because they don’t trip the breaker.

Reliance used cheap, low-quality materials to create their panels. Their electrical panels are therefore unreliable and dangerous. These problems can be caused by Federal Pacific breakers.

  • The wires could touch the panel box
  • It is possible that your breakers won’t switch off
  • Arcing might be possible
  • Breakers might trip while removing the dead front covers
  • Bus bar breaks down

Electrical inspectors suggest getting rid Federal Pacific Electrical Panels. You should not attempt to repair any of these panels. You will need to replace the panel with a brand new one.

Identifying a Federal Pacific Electrical Panel

It is important to determine if your home is equipped with a Federal Pacific Electrical Panel. You should immediately replace any panel found in your home. Failure to do so could increase your risk. How can you ensure that your Federal Pacific Electrical Panel is working? Before calling an electrician you need to inspect the panel.

Look out for FPE logos. Also, look out for the words Stab Lok. You most likely have a Federal Pacific Electrical Panel if you see any of these signs. The cost to replace your panel will depend on where you live and which electrician you choose.

Most people will spend between $1,500 and $2,000 to replace their Federal Pacific Electrical Panel. It is well worth the effort. Replacing your panel will protect your home and family members.