Signs Of A Problematic Residential Electrical System In Pittsburgh

Your home’s heart is your electrical system. Any slightest glitch can throw your daily routine off track. It will be impossible to use a hot bath or shower, wash dishes, launder laundry, or keep the fridge cold without electricity. Without electricity, even something as simple as turning on the light switch will not be possible.

Get to Know Your House‘s Electric System

Every homeowner needs to be familiar with the electrical system of their home. You will be prepared in case of an emergency. You should also know what to do if your residential electric system is not working properly. These signs include:

  • Burning Stance – A similar odor to smoke can indicate a problem in the electrical system. An exposed wire could be causing problems by contacting other components. If not addressed immediately, a burning odor can cause an electrical fire.
  • Flickering Lights – Although flickering lights do not necessarily indicate a problem with the electrical panel in your home, they could. The electricity provider could be responsible for flickering lights. This is often true. If your lights flicker for more than an hour, you should call a licensed electrician.
  • Humming Noisy – An electrical panel that emits a hum may indicate something is wrong. A bad circuit breaker or electrical connection could cause the humming sound. The years of wear and tear can be reflected in humming noises from electrical outlets or switches.
  • Damaged Wiring It is a good idea for electrical wires to be inspected regularly if they are visible in your basement, crawlspace or attic. You want to look for damage wiring such as gnaw marks or wires that are exposed to the elements. Exposed wiring can be very dangerous. It can lead to an electric fire if it is not repaired or replaced in a timely fashion. When building nests, rats, wild animals and field mice chew on the electrical wiring.
  • Electrical sparking – Contacting exposed wire with other components can lead to electrical sparking, and eventually, electrical fires.

Low-quality materials used during the initial installation or upgrade can also cause electrical problems.

Electric Sparks, Burning Soil, Flashing Lights, Call Us Today!

An emergency call to your local office is required to detect signs of a problem electrical system.